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Materialities and Mental Mobilities

Translocal Civil Society Networks in Contemporary Mongolia

Prof. Dr. Ines Stolpe,

Carsten Friede,

Bonn University


Mobility and Immobility

PD Dr. Johannes Reckel,

State- and University Library of the Georg August University Göttingen


Movement, Meaning and Practice

Old Mongolic features surviving the collapse of the Mongol Empire

Dr. Hans Nugteren,

Georg August University Göttingen


Mobilizing, Sharing and Exchanging Values in Mongolia: Crossroads between Past and Present

Elisa Kohl-Garrity,

MPI Halle (affiliated)


The Politics of Mobility

Travelling ideas, travelling people: Lay pilgrimage to monastic sites in Mongolia – past and present

Prof. Dr. Karénina Kollmar-Paulenz


Mediating between the Local and the Global: Education and Knowledge Production in the Works of the Ordos Poet Kesigbatu (1849-1917)

Dr. Dorothea Heuschert-Laage


Mapping Mongolian Buddhist discourses of social (im)mobilities: Isidanjinvangil, a Mongolian Buddhist intellectual and his “Golden teaching” (Altan surγal) on the eve of the collapse of the Qing Empire

Raya Schifferle Stoyanova, University of Bern